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Edjo  Wheeler 




OBJECTIVE: To create high-level works of art and cultural programming that inspires and evokes an emotional response in my audience, while constantly challenging my own creative process.


2020 - present: Culture Lab LIC, Long Island City, NY. Founder and Executive Director. It’s just too much to write out. It's just… too much. Combine everything below into this one job description, then throw in restaurant manager and technical director, to get an idea of what this position entails. Culture Lab is a massive undertaking of art and community projects, supporting hundreds of artists, with thousands of visitors annually. I could not be more proud to run this organization. 


2016 - 2020: LIC Artists Inc., Long Island City, NY. Board of Directors, Artistic Director, co-founder of The Plaxall Gallery. Produced 60 art exhibitions, curating the overall concepts and annual programming. Coordinating gallery and performing arts directors, curators, artists, and the installations of both the fine and performing arts. Managed budgets, fundraising, marketing and strategic planning. Co-Founded the performing arts and residency programs, now in its sixth season.


2008 - 2018: Association for Energy Affordability (AEA), Bronx and Manhattan, NY. Media Production Director. Produced documentary, educational videos and live events. Directed interviews, camera crews, editors and animators. Designed and managed national multi-camera live editing studios. Clients included Con Edison, Exxon Mobil, NY Mayor's Office, Office of the Bronx Borough President, Elbrio Magazine and many more.


1998 - 2012: Film Director, Producer, Stunt Coordinator, national. 20 films, 16 television shows and over 70 stage productions. Projects include Court TV's Haunting Mysteries, One Life to Live, Guiding Light, Fox series New Amsterdam. Directing credits include GoodWill Industries documentary Breaking the Cycle, pilot episodes for The History Channel's Woman Warriors, television pilot for The Territory. 


Documentaries: Over 30 documentaries for The US Department of Energy, Con Edison, NYSERDA, The City of New York, WXTV and others. 


1997-1999: Trail Dust Town, Tucson, AZ. Director, Producer, Writer. Nightly, year-round live-action theater that included pyrotechnics, stunts, firearms. Responsible for budgets, scripts, and overall artistic direction. 


1997-1999: Old Tucson Studios, Tucson Arizona. Stunts for stage, TV and film. Productions included pyrotechnics, highfalls, firearms, horsemanship and theatrical weapons of all kinds. 




2014 - 2018: “The Sculpture Garden” - Metal Arts Village, Tucson, AZ. Sculpture garden. 


2018: “The Sign” - Plaxall, Inc., 46th Ave and 5th St. - Sixteen-foot steel tower incorporating lighting and neon elements. 


2017: “Garden Park” - Enrica’s, Astoria, NY - Installed outdoor steel and wood works of art serving as garden seating and rainwater capture. Project budget, $25,000.


2016: “Rooftop Lounge” - Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY - Rooftop art installation. Project budget, $19,500.


2016: Daily Press, Brooklyn, NY - Interior design for converted church. All handmade decorative hardware, 9 foot high opening arch windows, benches and artistic elements. Project budget, $45,000.


2014 – 2017: Homestead Design Build LLC - Designed and built over 30 works of art and seven interior designs for various clients and businesses.  


2015: Hour Children of LIC and Fountain House Artists - Matted Gallery LIC., NY - Donated sculpture to raise money for children’s charities. Received highest bid.  


2015: Volunteer Center - Hellgate Farms, Astoria, NY - Fourteen-foot high, leaf-shaped structure to provide a relaxing, sheltered gathering place, incorporating permaculture design, green spaces, hydroponic systems. Project budget, $48,000.


2013: Neighborhood Beautification Project, Bronx, NY - Designed and built custom artisan planters and benches.


2011: “The Ship” - The Daily Press, Brooklyn, NY - Designed and built a 20’x15’ steel frame outdoor public seating area. The enclosure is adorned with suspended geometric shapes and designs, features custom lighting fixtures and hanging plants. Sail-like canvases offer shade and can be "hoisted" back with hemp ropes, creating a "sailing ship" ambiance. Approximate project budget, $40,000.


2010: “Rooftop Garden” - Bronx, NY - Co-designer and lead project manager for interactive rooftop environment utilizing artistic elements with the latest green technology. Managed all aspects from design through completion; custom stainless steel structures, budget, insurance and contracts. Coordinated contractors, structural engineers and staff. Garden includes a 8,700 sq./ft. intensive green roof, seating areas, living green wall, rainwater retention, irrigation and custom lighting, 22,0000 kW of solar PV, two hydronic systems, solar tubes and additional staircase with bulkhead. Project budget - $725,000.


2009 - Present: “Our Urban Home - Solo Photography Exhibition” - Enawac, Bronx, NY - 28 photographs of our multifamily infrastructure and technology on permanent public display. 


1999: Mount Hope Estates and Winery - Lebanon PA - Installations for period environments and artistic works for grounds for WIld West and Blast From the Past productions.  


1999: “The Main Floor” - Events Center, Lebanon, PA - Life-sized angel with 14-foot wingspan suspended from ceiling.


2018 - Present: Powerhouse Gallery, three exhibition, LIC, NY

2018: Manipulated Life - The Art of Puppetry, Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NY

2019: Artists Showcase, Hunts Point South, LIC, NY

2018: Artists Showcase, Hunts Point South, LIC, NY

2018: Escape Velocity, The Plaxall Gallery, LIC. NY

2018: Garden of Earthly Delights, The Plaxall Gallery, LIC. NY

2017: Art from the City's Heart, The Plaxall Gallery, LIC. NY

2017: 8 Loves, The Plaxall Gallery, LIC. NY

2017: LIC Arts Open, Main Salon Show, LIC NY

2016: Members Showcase, The Plaxall Gallery, LIC. NY

2006 - 2009: Riverdale Inc., Curated multiple business lobbies with local artists., NY 

1997 - 98: Dragoon Street, curated sets and design elements for staged performances.

1990: Hall of Fame, Saguaro High. Curated photo archives of performing arts programs.



2018: Upstanders, Gallery at the Factory, LIC, NY

2017: Winter Sculpture Show, The Plaxall Gallery, LIC. NY

2017: What is Human?, Gallery at the Factory, LIC, NY

2017: Art from the City's Heart, The Plaxall Gallery

2017: Walk with Light, The Plaxall Gallery, NY

2017: 8 Loves, The Plaxall Gallery, LIC. NY

2016: Summer Invitational, The Atlantic Gallery, NY, NY

2016: LIC-A Winter Gala, The Plaxall Gallery, LIC. NY

2016: Arts Open 6, The Falchi Gallery, LIC, NY

2016: LICA Fall 2016 Members Art Show, Plaxall

2016: Over the Bridge II, The Atlantic Gallery, NY, NY

2015: Members salon Exhibition, The Falchi, LIC, NY

2015: Tucson Sculpture Festival, The Sculpture Center, Tucson, AZ

2015: Tucson Sculpture Festival, The Art Gallery, Tucson, AZ

2015: Extracts From Silence, Artistrun Gallery, LIC, NY

2015: 1st Annual 15 for 15, Metal Arts Village, Tucson, AZ

2014: Citigroup Displays, Citigroup One Court Square, LIC. NY

2014: 30th Anniversary Exhibition, The Falchi, LIC, NY

2014: Emotion of Dreams, Artistrun Gallery, Long Island City, NY

2014: Featured Artist, 3rd Ward Displays, Brooklyn, NY

2013 - 14: Silver Series, Solo exhibition, Daily Press, Brooklyn, NY

1999: The Main Floor, solo exhibition, Lebanon, PA

1999: On the Grounds, Group Mount Hope Estates, Manheim, PA

1998: Savoy Opera House, solo show, Tucson, AZ

1997: Dirt Circus, Trail Dust Town, Tucson, AZ


2007 Maggie Flanigan Studios, NY: Developed new courses for film and television. Designed camera, lighting and other technical resources. Designed class curriculum and directed film projects. 


2006 School for Film and Television, NY: Designed new class curriculum; directed and produced thesis film projects. 


2006 - 2007 New York Film Academy: Designed a new class curriculum and directed and produced thesis film projects. 


2005 Wingspan Arts, NY, NJ: Theater Instructor for after school programs.

2004 Night At The Fights, NY: Stage Combat Instructor. 

2004 Athletics and Fitness Association of America, NY: Kickboxing Instructor

2004 Vital Theater Summer Arts Program, NY: Instructor

2007 NY University Tisch School of the Arts: Asst Stage Combat Instructor.


2000 - 2007 Founder, Fight Builders, NY: Instructor/Stunt Coordinator for stage, TV and film. Staged action with actors and crews for pyrotechnics, highfalls, firearms, weapons of all kinds, precision driving, stage combat, safety courses.

1998 - 2008 The Society of American Fight Directors, NY: Advanced Actor Combatant with Examiners Award of Excellence in every certification. Past certifications in unarmed combat, staff, broadsword, rapier & dagger, knife.

1998-1999 Trail Dust Town, Tucson, AZ: Stage combat, stunts, firearms, pyrotechnics, acting. 

1987-1993 American Kenpo Karate Academy, Ltd., Tucson, AZ:  Head Instructor, regional Lightweight Champion.




2007- 2018 Association for Energy Affordability, NY, NY: Production Director, Photographer

2016 West End Heath and Fitness, NY, NY: Photographer

2016 Sweaty Glam Girl Fitness, NY NY: Photographer

2016 Project X, NY NY: Director, Photographer 

2015 Somali and American Fund for Education (SAFE), NY, NY: Staff Photographer

2015 Maggie Flanigan Studios NY, NY Photographer, Interviewer, curriculum development

2006 - 2016 National Multifamily Buildings Conference on Energy Efficiency, NY, IL, CA: Media Production Director and Photographer 

2014 Rosie's Theater Kids, NY, NY: Sephora Photo Spread. 

2013 Shogun Enterprises, NY, NY: Media Production Director, NY, NY

2010 National MS Society, NY, NY: Staff Photographer

2008 - 2012 Energy and Water Conservation Services, Inc, Bronx, NY: Staff Photograph

2009: Somali and American Fund for Education (SAFE), NY, NY: Staff Photographer
2009 Rubin Museum, NY, NY: Event Photographer

2009 IMT Magazine, NY, NY: 3rd issue main photo spread.

2008 Eco-Metropolis Green Fashion Show, NY, NY, with Atom Cianfarani: Photographer, Talent Scout.

2007 - 2009 Independent Media Professionals (IMD), Bronx, NY. Founder, Director, Casting Director.



2011 - 2014: Department Of Energy Video Development Grant Awardee: Drafted and executed proposal for training and documentary videos. Designed original multimedia platform for live-video broadcast and original animations. Directed and produced all aspects of production. Awarded $220,000. 


2009 - 2012: ExxonMobil/NCAF Multimedia Grant: Designed and implemented new multimedia installation for the development of educational and documentary film. Hired and managed staff, purchased equipment, handled budget, schedule and contracts. Directed and produced all projects. Films still in use today in classrooms and online. Awarded $342,000.



Queens Chronicle:  Culture Lab LIC launches at the Plaxall Gallery to continue and expand work of lic artists inc in waterfront cultural and community space.


Queens Eagle: Long Island City's musical parking lot provides welcome respite from COVID crisis.


The New York Times: Why New York Comedy Has Gone Underground. “Spectators lined the chain-link fence around the lot. People stood on nearby rooftops.”


Galerie LIC: “The Future of Art” - key speaker, LIC NY. Lecture series on the state of art in Western Queens. 


LIC Post: Curator Interview - Valentine’s themed art show opens at the Plaxall Gallery.

8 Types of Love at this New LIC Gallery


Queens Ledger: “Funding for the Arts” - November 3, 2017 - Interview on the business of funding the arts. Funding Arts


NY1: Artistic Director interview. NY1 - Arts Around the Boroughs 


Art Renewal Center: “Escape Velocity.” Art Renewal Center, Unique Artistic Landscapes


Queens Courier: Curator Interview - Tuesday, December 6, 2016. Old Print Shop to Arts Showcase


Queens Chronicle: Featured Artist - Thursday, May 7, 2015. Promises of Cultural Exploration  


Arts Illustrated: Featured Artist interview, March 11, 2015. Featured Artist - Edjo Wheeler


Arizona Daily Star: Featured Artist interview and cover - Jan 28, 2015. Arizona Daily Star Artists to Know


The Tucson Citizen: Featured Artist, Jan 21, 2015. Sculpture Fest


Irene Ryan Competition: Awarded Best Actor and Best Scene


In conclusion…


I have been working non-stop since I had my paper route at age 12. I have been a cook, restaurant manager, chef, and pizza deliverer, and I had started my own traveling theater troupe by age 18. You will find my experience is wide, but there is a consistent thread that runs through my entire career: I am an imaginative leader with a wealth of experience in running arts, culture and educational endeavors. I learn fast, work well with others, and I am inspired by the accomplishments of others. If it is in the arts, I have done it, or something pretty close to it. 



Edjo Wheeler is the co-founder of the Plaxall Gallery (2016 - present), Executive Director of Culture Lab LIC (2019 - present), and a sculptor. He has worked in the arts his entire life, curating exhibitions and leading his own traveling theater troupe from the age of 18. Throughout his career, he has directed, produced or stunt coordinated 20 films, 16 television shows, 30 documentaries, and over 70 stage productions.

Since coming to Long Island City in 2014, Edjo has produced and curated over 100 art exhibitions and has had work featured in galleries throughout the city.


As an educator he has taught at the School for Film and Television, New York Film Academy, and NYU Tisch School of the Arts. In another life, he was an instructor and regional Lightweight Karate Champion.

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